Kiddies Activities

What to expect

At Perivoli Lagoon House, we believe in fun, learning, and unforgettable experiences. Join us for these exciting activities that
will spark your curiosity, ignite your imagination, and create memories to treasure forever.

Fynbos Walks: Join our Fynbos explorers and dive into a world of vibrant colours, unique plants, and fascinating wildlife
that call the Fynbos realm home. Our guides will lead you on a thrilling journey, sharing stories about the intricate ecosystem
thriving around us.

Archery: Aim for fun and adventure! Learn the art of archery and hit the bullseye. Unleash your inner archer and challenge
your skills in a safe and exciting environment.

Frog Hunt Adventure: Hop into an exploration of amphibians and nature. Discover the world of frogs and their habitats,
and create unforgettable memories. We provide the wellies, buckets, and flashlights you bring the curiosity!

Cooking Workshops: Join our chefs and learn the magic of cooking! From traditional African dishes to creating mouth-
watering pizzas, our workshops will tantalize your taste buds and unleash your inner chef.

Nature Scavenger Hunts: Grab a map and checklist, and let the adventure begin! Hunt for plants, animal tracks, and signs
as you explore nature.

Track Identification and Spoor Moulding: Step into the shoes of a tracker! Learn about animal tracks and signs, and even
make your own plaster of Paris moulds.

Arts and Crafts: Get creative with Fynbosthemed crafts! Craft animal masks binoculars, and paint scenes from the wild. Let
your imagination roam free.

Beaded Nature Bracelet Craft: Create bracelets inspired by nature! Collect leaves, flowers, and small treasures on a mini
nature hunt, and then incorporate them into your beautiful bead bracelets.

Starry Night Adventure: Embark on a journey through the night sky! Learn about stars, constellations, and the wonders of
the universe in this aweinspiring experience. Hot chocolate and marshmallows provided.

Kites & Sandboarding: Soar high with kiteflying fun or glide down soft sandy dunes at Walkerbay. Feel the wind in your
hair and the thrill of adventure!


Experiences to enhance your stay

Whether it’s watching a southern right whale breach the ocean surface or strolling through a sun-kissed vineyard and sampling its yield, the diverse ecosystem surrounding Perivoli Lagoon House provides an abundance of unforgettable activities to explore.

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Explore Perivoli Lagoon House, as it offers a tranquil haven conveniently located on the renowned Whale Coast, within driving distance of Cape Town. It serves as an ideal base for discovering the captivating destinations of the Western Cape.

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