What to expect

Perivoli serves as the idyllic setting to fill your cup and reset.

Practice yoga on the expansive deck, or make use of your very own gym-in-a-bag, featuring; yoga mat, exercise ball, and resistance bands.

For guests seeking a little more pampering, allow us to arrange signature in-house treatment at your leisure, or alternatively allow us to schedule an appointment at the Milkwood Spa just 5 minutes away.

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For direct online bookings and live availability.

Traveller Enquiry

Your stay, tailor-made by our reservations team.

Secret Season Offers

Minimum 2 nights Valid 01 April to 31 May.

Experience the perfect luxury escape by booking self catering or fully catered accommodation at Perivoli Lagoon House on the celebrated Whale Coast , you can enjoy a private setting, while having the freedom to come and go at any hour of the day or night.

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